Ferro Silico Manganese

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Ferro Silico Manganese

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Silicon Manganese is produced depending on the resources available, either from silicious manganese ores or from manganese rich slags that are a by-product of Ferro Manganese production. It is used in its own right as an additive in the steel industry as a deoxidant or utilized in the production of other manganese alloys.

a.) As deoxidizer and alloying media in iron & steel metallurgical industries.
b.) Improve properties of steel,which including ductility, strength, rigidity and resistance.

Silicon Manganese - SiMn 6517
Si 17-19%
Mn 65-68%
C 2.5%max.
P 0.25%max.
S 0.04%max.
Size 10-50mm or 10-100 mm
Silicon Manganese - SiMn 6014
Si 14-16%
Mn 60-63%
C 2.5%max.
P 0.3%max.
S 0.05%max.
Size 10-50mm or 10-100 mm

1000kg big bags
Big bag on pallets Ferro Silico Manganese

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